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We all know that making historical costume can be quite confusing at times, so being able to ask a question of someone is important.

Homemade Costumes from History is building a site filled with useful information for the novice and the experienced historical costumier.

Your questions help us to put the right information, courses and (sometimes) other products up for you - and for everyone else - so that you can make your dream costumes.

The questions you ask in the forms throughout this site generate a (moderated) page on this site where we (and anyone else) can answer with helpful hints and suggestions.

Please don't be afraid to ask your costume question here. We respect your privacy, and our system will only send you a message when your question has been answered!

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Fabric for a Renaissance Scottish Chemise? 
Hello, I am making a chemise to wear as part of my outfit for Renaissance Faires and Celtic/Scottish Festivals. I will be wearing the chamise-skirt-bodice …

Recently married Victorian women 
In Dickens' 'Our Mutual Friend' Mrs.Sophronia Lammle says she has not long been married and adds 'I am dressed as a bride, you see' What details of her …

Hearse in Paris 1780 
Dear, Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I can't seem to find the answer elsewhere in the internet. I'm making a video of a …

Salem Witches for Halloween? 
I'm going as a witch, velvet classy with a pointed hat and for my boyfriend I thought a puritan(like a pilgrim) from Salem would be funny instead of him …

I need to make a unibrow. The pre made unibrow Is way too thick. I'm making a home video. And my nerdy scientist needs some facial hair. I think i …

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