Historical Hats and Headwear
Finishing the look

Making a costume? Historical hats are really important to finishing the look!

Most people today don't think much about wearing a hat, unless it's for a special occasion, like going to the races. Headwear isn't even considered compulsory for guests at the average wedding.

But you have to remember that throughout the rest of history, headwear was a vital part of any outfit. Whether it was simply for protection, or for religious or modesty purposes, hats, headcloths, biggins, hoods and headdresses were a part of everyday clothing.

I know I've been guilty of this: You work on your costume for ages, run out of time to make something for your head, and decide that you can probably get away with it. Then you reach the event and feel rather out of place and unfinished, because everyone else is wearing appropriate historical headwear. It really does finish an outfit, and can change the whole feel of it!

Try to avoid this happening by starting on your headwear as early as possible in the construction of your costume. You won't regret it!

Keeping your headwear simple.

Your historical headwear doesn't have to be huge production. Giant 18th Century wigs with ships and bird cages filled with live birds  built-in were more rare than you might think!

Unless you're an experienced, or an extremely ambitious costumier, your headwear might only need to extend to a simple biggin (like a white linen cap) of the period, a mob cap, a hood or something similar.

I've tried to include a range of simple millinery options, covering different periods, in this site. Stay tuned for more additions in the future!

Going all-out!

Don't be afraid to go nuts either. There's nothing more impressive than a beautiful costume, topped off with a great hat.

The fun of hats is that there are so many truly silly ones throughout history, but they look so wonderful when paired with the right outfit, that you forget the silliness and just marvel at the detail.

If you're into the 18th Century, or into high gothic, Flemish or 16th Century German costume - to name but a few - there are some great options for you to have fun with.

Just have a go!

Share your historical hats with us!
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