You can make Homemade Costumes out of the History Books!

Making your own homemade costumes doesn't need to be hard. Not even making historical costumes!

Homemade Steampunk costumes.

Have you ever been to a Medieval fair or Renaissance fair, and marvelled at the amazing costumes the performers are wearing?

A huge percentage of those wonderous outfits were made by the wearers, and many of them had never sewn before they started.

Are you involved in a theatre group that is putting on a historical play or musical? Don't know where to start with making costumes? That's okay!

Even if you've only just joined your local group of reenactors, and need to make English Civil War costume, American Civil War costume, something for the Jane Austen Society Annual Ball, or the underthings for your new set of Roman legionary armour, you can start making costumes.

Costumes for parties and the big events in your life

If you've got a big costume party to go to in a week or so, and there's nothing at the local costume hire shop (they're all pretty tacky anyway, most of the time), or you're on a really tight budget... try making some homemade costumes!

Planning a wedding that's just a bit different? This site should give you some ideas for dressing the whole wedding party!

Homemade costumes for a wedding.

Can you use a sewing machine, or even just a needle and thread?

Even if you can't yet, I promise you: You can sew historical costumes.

Let me show you how!

I've been making homemade costumes since I was around fourteen years old. At nineteen, I started to make historical costume for myself for parties and re-enactments. By twenty-two, I was making them professionally for other reenactors, and opened my own business with my partner at twenty-five.

Homemade costumes, step-by-step.All along the way, I was teaching others around me how to do it for themselves. Some of my students didn't know which end of the sewing machine was up, when they started, but my step-by-step process conquered their fear and they all walked away with homemade costumes they could be very proud to wear at the end of it.

That's all there is to it: Step-by-step

Want to get started making costumes right out of the history books?

You can!

Have a look around this site and bookmark it.

As it grows, you'll be able to grow your costuming knowledge with it. Use the links below and in the bar at the side to find what you're looking for!

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