Salem Witches for Halloween?

I'm going as a witch, velvet classy with a pointed hat and for my boyfriend I thought a puritan(like a pilgrim) from Salem would be funny instead of him going as a worlock but no one gets it, what do you think?

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Oct 24, 2013
How about witchy Salemites?
by: Elizabeth Elwell-Cook

I like it, but I'm a history buff!

Perhaps if people don't understand, you could make the costumes relate more, by wearing a puritan costume yourself, and adding the witchy element with green makeup, and giving your partner a pitchfork to chase you around with? Or making him a puritan priest with the white collar, spectacles, and sanctimonious hellfire denouncements? ;)

For a reference, why don't you both watch "The Crucible"? While it's not written in period, it has some great lines and ideas for you!

Then you can submit a pic to "Your Photos", on here, when you're done! Have fun!

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