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Hello! Has your research turned up anything about spiral lacing for removable sleeves? I've come up empty. Thanks! - Elisabeth

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Jul 26, 2017
Spiral Laching in removably sleeves
by: Elizabeth

I've seen some of examples of spiral lacing in sleeves (none of which I happen to have to hand, unforunately, or I would put them up on here!).

The examples are usually attached to plain and simple working attire of the late 15th Century, but I suspect you would find more examples with a good search of Pinterest. In fact there are only really two styles: spiral or the following:

There is a more decorative half-bow using a short (30cm) cord or ribbon, stitched to the shoulder of a doublet by the centre. Tip them with aiglets for decoration (Available from leather suppliers, or some re-enactment stores online which produce the narrower and more accurate / practical period versions.

These laces are then run through a loop on the top of the sleeve to be attached, in pairs, and tied in a half bow, quite quick to undo, and elegant because you get pairs of pretty aiglets at each lacing "point".

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